toasting oats
Toast Your Oats!

Toast Your Oats

Have you ever noticed how browned food just tastes better? Well, there’s actually some science behind it.

Browning occurs when foods are seared, baked, roasted, toasted, fried and grilled. When food is heated to a certain temperature (around 140-165°C), a complex chemical reaction occurs between amino acids and the reducing sugar in food. The result is a whole new set of compounds which give browned foods their distinct flavors, aromas and colors.… Continue Reading

Build a Better Bowl: Oat Burrito Bowls

If there’s two things we love, it’s oats (obviously) and burrito bowls. Just those two things. Seriously. Everything else comes in a distant third.

So, when the burrito bowl craving hit us hard the other day, instead of sending the intern out to the strip mall to pick us up some lunch, we moseyed down to the Oats Everyday kitchen and rustled up some tasty – and healthy – homemade burrito bowls with a delicious cilantro-lime crema.… Continue Reading

No Time for Breakfast Breakfast Cookies
No Time for Breakfast Breakfast Cookies

“No Time for Breakfast” Breakfast Cookies

We don’t need to tell you that eating breakfast is important. Study after study has shown that eating breakfast improves memory and cognitive function, kickstarts your metabolism and, perhaps most-importantly to the people around us, makes us nicer people.

When we don’t eat breakfast, even the best of us can get a little hangry (aka “the mean growlies.”)… Continue Reading