Farmland Flax Cookies with Rolled Oats
Farmland Flax Cookies

Bake a Better Cookie

Freshly baked cookies are a staple at snack time and the perfect sweet finale to a meal. Often high in fat and sugar and low in fiber, they’re also one of the first things to be given up when people resolve to follow a healthy diet.

Well, we have some good news – with a few simple substitutions and the addition of heart-healthy rolled oats, you can have your cookie and eat it, too.… Continue Reading

Peppers with Oatmeal Stuffing
Peppers with Oatmeal Stuffing

Incorporating Oats into Your Traditional Meals

Oats are a versatile grain with huge culinary potential, and we love to see how people around the world are incorporating oats into their traditional meals in innovative ways, just like we’re doing here at Oats Everyday.

Our goal has always been to get people to think outside the bowl. The oatmeal bowl, that is. We want to show how oats can be used in unexpected ways to put an exciting and healthy new twist on all of your favorite dishes – from biscuits and gravy to stuffed peppers.… Continue Reading

Scrambled Eggs with Oats
Scrambled Eggs with Oats

Have a Heart-Healthy Breakfast

Heart disease is a growing health concern for many people around the world, but adding something as simple as oats to your diet can make a world of difference.

Heart disease is a variety of conditions that affect the functions of the heart and can have many root causes. Some of the conditions of heart disease include angina, cardiac arrest, heart attack and heart failure.… Continue Reading