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Shining a Light on World Diabetes Day: Know your Risk, Know your Response

November 14 is a day of global significance dedicated to raising awareness about Diabetes. On this World Diabetes Day, we come together to shine a light on this pressing health issue and explore the importance of understanding diabetes, its impact, and the collective efforts to create a healthier world.

On November 21, Avena Canadiense in partnership with the Mexican Diabetes Federation, A.C. will host a culinary workshop on oat nutrition for diabetes management that will be streamed on Facebook. This workshop is perfect for food enthusiasts, health-conscious people, and our followers living with diabetes. You can register and join the workshop for free here.

Raising Awareness

World Diabetes Day serves as a platform to educate communities about the causes, symptoms, and preventive measures associated with diabetes. By fostering awareness, we empower individuals to make informed lifestyle choices, promote early detection, and encourage support for those living with diabetes.

For people living with diabetes, awareness and access to the correct information and best available medicines and tools to support self-care, is vital to delay or prevent complications. For people at risk of type 2 diabetes, knowing your risk and what to do is important to support prevention, early diagnosis, and timely treatment. For healthcare professionals, access to sufficient training and resources is required to detect complications early and provide the best possible care.

Healthy Dietary Options

Oats, rich in soluble fiber and beta-glucans, can be a valuable ally in the battle against diabetes by helping regulate blood sugar levels and improving insulin sensitivity, making them a smart choice for both prevention and management of the condition.

Browse our website for healthy recipe options.


Living with diabetes can be a daily challenge, both physically and emotionally. World Diabetes Day encourages communities to come together and provide support networks for individuals and families affected by diabetes. By fostering understanding, empathy, and solidarity, we can create an environment that helps people thrive despite the challenges they face. Let us join hands to raise awareness, promote healthy living, and support those affected by diabetes.