Corn and Oats Tamales

Delicious corn tamales with oats. They are delicious with something salty like rajas or with something sweet like cajeta or lechera (condensed milk).… Continue Reading

Oat Risotto With Parmesan And Peas

Oat Risotto with Parmesan and Peas

Steel cut oats take the place of Arborio rice in this creamy risotto-inspired dish. It’s actually less hands on than traditional risotto. For a different taste, try pecorino or Romano cheese in place of the parmesan.… Continue Reading

Red Beans and Oats

Red Beans and Oats

In our version of this favorite Louisiana dish, steel cut oats stand-in for the traditional rice. Start your oats right before you begin preparing your beans.Continue Reading

Oats Everyday Oat Tortillas with superfood taco filling

Superfood Tacos

These tacos contain a whopping five superfoods – oats, kale, quinoa, blueberries and avocado. Recipe adapted from Chef Pete Dressen’s entry in the James Beard Foundation’s “More Taste, Less Waste” competition.… Continue Reading

BBQ Bean and Oat Burgers

BBQ Bean & Oat Burgers

With bold flavors and a satisfying texture from the addition of steel cut oats, these vegetarian burgers will satisfy even the most-skeptical meat-eaters in the crowd. Don’t have a big gang to feed? No problem – they freeze well and can be quickly cooked or reheated for an easy weeknight dinner.… Continue Reading

Oat Risotto with Chorizo

Oat Risotto with Chorizo

Wake up your taste buds and increase your soluble fiber intake with this creamy oat risotto, topped with spicy chorizo and tender-crisp broccoli.Continue Reading