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BBQ Bean & Oat Burgers

BBQ Bean and Oat Burgers

With bold flavors and a satisfying texture from the addition of steel cut oats, these vegetarian burgers will satisfy even the most-skeptical meat-eaters in the crowd. Don’t have a big gang to feed? No problem – they freeze well and can be quickly cooked or reheated for an easy weeknight dinner.

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Monday to Friday Overnight Oats
Monday to Friday Overnight Oats

Monday to Friday Overnight Oats

Make your mornings easier with healthy pre-planned overnight oats! Adding oats to your morning makes you fuller longer and adds healthy antioxidants to your diet.

Keep your cool with a delicious no-cook breakfast. Prep your jars on Sunday and have yummy overnight oats all week long – adding milk to tomorrow’s jar will become part of your bedtime routine.… Continue Reading

Take Your Oats on an Adventure

You’ve probably heard us refer to oats as “portable” many times. From Breakfast Cookies to Smoothies to Individual Chickpea and Oat Salads, oats are just begging to be taken on an adventure.

Whether you’re a camper or a glamper, a backpacker or a bike tripper, oats are the perfect take-along food. They’re super-light, crushable, easy to prepare and don’t take up much space or require refrigeration.… Continue Reading