Red Beans and Oats
Red Beans and Oats

A New Take on A Creole Classic

Red beans and rice is a signature dish of Creole cuisine that was traditionally made on Mondays, because back in the day, Monday was “wash day.” The women of the house would be busy doing laundry, so red beans and rice was an easy dish to make with the leftovers from Sunday’s dinner (usually ham or another kind of pork) that didn’t require a lot of time in the kitchen.… Continue Reading

Oat Therapy Bags - They really work!

Oat Therapy Bags

Sometimes, after a long day of cooking oats, we just want to kick our feet up and relax. When muscle pain was starting to get in the way of our relaxation time, we decided to sew soothing therapy bags filled with oat groats! If we can make therapy bags so can you, but fair warning – you will have to get a little crafty.… Continue Reading