Secrets to Amazing Granola

They say cooking is art and baking is science. Well, granola falls somewhere in between. Once you know the basic formula, you can take some artistic license and make endless variations. We’re sharing our secrets to amazing granola to help get you started!

Our basic recipe starts with three cups of rolled oats and three cups (total) of nuts, seeds, coconut and other grains, etc.… Continue Reading

Olive Oil Granola
Olive Oil Granola

Gifted – Olive Oil Granola

It’s the season for gifts – teacher gifts, co-worker gifts, last-minute gifts, hostess gifts, and (ack!) I-forgot-to-buy-so-and-so-a-gift gifts. Thank goodness for edible gifts!

Our Olive Oil Granola in particular makes a great edible gift. After all, everybody eats (or knows someone who eats), and what could be more thoughtful than a healthy, homemade gift?

The olive oil and maple syrup give this granola an incredible depth of flavor and an extra little sprinkle of salt added right at the end keeps the sweetness in check.… Continue Reading

Oat Pilaf With Walnuts Raisins And Feta
Oat Pilaf With Walnuts Raisins And Feta

Stress-free Entertaining with Easy-going Oats

Let’s face it – entertaining can be a little stressful. Extra guests, extra food, extra pressure to pull off the perfect holiday spread without breaking a sweat. We have all been there at least once. Kudos to those who volunteer to host the big family dinner year after year.

We have found that there are a few things that can make entertaining just a little less traumatic.… Continue Reading