Hands kneading play dough made with oat flour.

Oat Play Dough

We were looking for some kid-friendly crafts and activities, and wondered what we could whip up with oats. Oats have a wide range of non-food related uses, as we saw a few months ago with our post on using oats to make Soothing Summer Remedies.

This week, we’re looking at how you can use oats to make play dough – a fun, safe craft material for the little ones in your life.… Continue Reading

Oat Breaded Pork Medallions With Dijon Mustard Sauce
Oat Breaded Pork Medallions With Dijon Mustard Sauce

Elegant Main Dishes with Oats

We’re classing our family get-togethers up a notch. No, we’re not ordering an ice sculpture or installing a chandelier. We’ll be adding a touch of elegance to our next family dinner with these delicious Oat-Breaded Pork Medallions with Dijon Mushroom Sauce we’ll be serving as our main course.

The next couple months will present a lot of opportunities for dinners and parties with friends and family, and while we love spending time in the kitchen, it can get to be a little too much to spend a full afternoon cooking when there is visiting to do.… Continue Reading