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Chicken Strips with Dip Honey Mustard

Breaded chicken tenders or breaded and crispy chicken strips with a homemade and extra easy honey mustard sauce or dip.

My shortcut to not get so dirty is to use the yogurt jar and right there add the other ingredients of the sauce and so you can have it ready in 2 minutes.

To breading I used oat bran which I love because it gives a nutty flavor to the recipe and makes them super crunchy.… Continue Reading

Brown sugar shaken espresso latte
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Inspired by Starbucks coffee that became super popular. This version of the “iced brown sugar shaken oatmilk shaken espresso” has a homemade oat milk and also a monk fruit syrup with cinnamon. This to make it healthier and thus have a version of this drink without sugar.

The syrup and oat milk can be had in the refrigerator to be able to prepare this coffee whenever you want and so you can enjoy it in less than 5 minutes.… Continue Reading

Tempura vegetables with sauce
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Tempura Vegetables with Sauce

When you try this tempura you will feel like you are in your favorite restaurant.

I am going to pass you the 2 secrets to always make it perfect and it’s crunchy and with a delicious flavor. You have to keep the mixture very cold all the time, since you prepare it and while you are using it.… Continue Reading